Known for their refined aesthetic, Japanese-born Kinto offers tableware delivered with unique design and craftsmanship that has been apparent in their range since their inception in 1972.

Kinto produces sophisticated drinking vessels, slow-coffee-style solutions and curated ceramics, this brand is about seeing the beauty in nature and slowing down the passage of time for the simple things in life.

From a dish shared between friends or a close family get together, Kinto imagines the everyday aspects of life and develop products that will bring those aspects genuine creativity and thoughtfulness.

The versatile product offering appeals to the tea and coffee lover as well as those who simply enjoy refined tableware.

What’s special about Kinto?

⋅ Designed in Japan
⋅ 100+ products ranged by Telegram Co.
⋅ Built to last a lifetime, Kinto manufacturing champions quality and longevity
⋅ Clean, simply aesthetic based on sensible and conscientious design
⋅ Functional products based on the needs of everyday people
⋅ A unique gift offering for the tea and coffee lover

The Kinto range includes tableware, tea and coffee jugs and cups, carafes and more. The brand’s core principle is to offer life-long designs that become a key part of your customer’s daily lives.

‘Let your day be filled with what inspires you.’ – Kinto Founders

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