Why we're market leaders for brands

We offer more than just traditional distribution, with dedicated teams for a full-service model and a strategic approach, we deliver consistent sales and growth for our brands. No two brands are alike, and we think long-term, taking a tailored approach to develop a plan unique to each brand. We’ve been operating for over twelve years, creating a time-tested approach that we continue to refine and improve.

Our 360° sales approach

We offer more than just traditional distribution. With dedicated teams, we offer a full service model and a strategic approach to deliver consistent sales and growth for our brands.

Logistics & warehousing

Our Melbourne-based dispatch hub allows us to work closely with local delivery partners, the greater Telegram Co. team and customers. We’re always working to find ways to streamline the dispatch process to ensure orders are packed and shipped as quickly as possible.

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Environmentally conscious

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with the products we range. From the collection we carry to the way we ship orders, we’re working to improve our business to minimise our impact on the planet without compromising on the high-quality experience.
Our distribution centre recycles 99.7% of all cardboard. We convert 250 cubic metres of cardboard a year into packaging material, which is used in orders as, and 324 cubic metres is sent to a local recycler and processed back into cardboard boxes. 0.3% is sent to landfill due to it not being suitable for recycling.

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