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We’re continually renewing our range to ensure the brands represented are at the forefront of design and innovation. In addition to exploring our vision through our own vertical brands, Studio Milligram, Any Day Now and Addition Studio, we proudly distribute and represent the finest products in stationery, home and lifestyle.

After going through a meticulous selection process, Telegram Co. brands are chosen because they offer an exceptional experience, quality and story.

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Introducing Addition Studio

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Combining cutting-edge design with traditional letterpressing and typography, 1973 offers a dynamic and eye-catching range of cards that make special occasions that bit more special.

Addition Studio

Inspired by health and wellbeing, sculptural aesthetic and modern art, Australian design house Addition Studio dreams of creating a calm, healthy and creative existence through simple daily rituals.

Any Day Now

Designed to brighten your space and spark imagination, Any Day Now offers fresh and surprising everyday items for the home and office that are bursting with colour and movement.


Ashkahn cards pack bold colours and a cheeky sense of humour, offering a more fun, youthful take on traditional greeting cards.

Ashley & Co

Based in Auckland, Ashley & Co creates simple and superior products with the fewest and cleanest ingredients possible, taking pride in long-lasting, memorable scents.


With a 70 year history, Swedish stationery brand Ballograf has decades of experience in delivering beautiful engineering and impeccable style with their affordable, durable writing instruments.


A pencil of legend, reborn for a modern audience. Beloved by artists, musicians, designers, illustrators and more, each Blackwing pencil offers a writing or sketching experience that has stood the test of time.

Bon Parfumeur

Carefully and ethically crafted by top-notch perfumers, Bon Parfumeur invites you to discover a world of French-made fragrances that are designed to delight the senses.

Carolyn Suzuki

Carolyn Suzuki’s dizzying colours, charming animal companions, vibrant patterns and gentle humour help celebrate the joy and diversity of human experience.

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