Life Stationery

Life Stationery is dedicated to producing handmade paper goods of incredible quality. Difficult to find outside of Japan, Life’s range of correspondence papers and notebooks feature beautiful, timeless designs along with superior paper quality and function.

Founded in 1946, Life Stationery was born from a need to recognise new opportunities for a post-war Japan. Creator Yasuhiro Saito attributes Life Stationery’s exceptional quality stationery on the idea of “Kaizen”, meaning continuous improvement; Life notebooks are never perfected, but refined over and over through the cycle of design, construction, and use.

Life Stationery writing set

Life Stationery factory

Life Stationery notebooks

Life Stationery factory

An exceptional range of handmade Japanese stationery, Life Stationery is an excellent addition to any stationery store.

Telegram Co. is the official, exclusive distributor for Life Stationery in Australia and New Zealand. Interested in stocking Life Stationery? Please complete our retail partnership enquiry form.