Established in 2013, Octaevo is a Mediterranean inspired product design brand based in Barcelona, Spain. With a commitment to celebrating Mediterranean heritage and a mission to tell enchanting stories, the brand produces extraordinary objects for the desk and home.

OCTAEVO comes from the combination of two words, a Greek and a Latin one. “Octa” refers to the eight principal winds that form the eight-wind compass rose, a tool used by sailors. “Evo” derives from the Latin “Aevum”, referring to the medium between time and eternity — the state of saints in heaven. The “O” refers to the coastline – the idea of starting a journey and coming back full circle to where you began.

As an alternative to all the stationery products in the market, the intention of OCTAEVO is to explore the idea of a more conceptual brand inspired the Mediterranean — an area that is not only famous for its good way of living but that is also extremely rich in philosophy, history and culture.

OCTAEVO’s strength lies in their creativity. They are constantly monitoring trends and fashion and try to offer their clients an original product for an affordable price that isn’t just well designed and functional, but that also serves them a source of inspiration. The versatile product offering appeals to lovers of design, creatives and those looking for something unique.

‘Even though the Mediterranean is a rather small sea, the greatness of its history makes it seem larger than it actually is. It´s such a dynamic area on the world map! As the home of four world empires, a great deal has happened along its coastline. Its culture offers such a large amount of inspiration. For OCTAEVO we take inspiration from history, architecture, philosophy, artists but also colours, textures and shapes. Just think of the blue of the sea, the Greek philosophers, the bazaars in Morocco, the movies of Fellini, the French Riviera… the inspiration is infinite!’ – Marcel Baer, Founder


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