OHTO is a coveted pen brand from Japan, whose innovative approach to developing writing instruments has consistently delivered high quality stationery for almost 100 years.

Established in 1929 in Tokyo, Japan, OHTO was initially a dye and ink manufacturer. The company founder, Nakata Tozaburo, worked for the ministry of finance and invented a special ink for Japanese banknotes. In 1949, OHTO gained attention as a writing instrument manufacturer by developing the first pencil-shaped ballpoint pen with a chrome ball —the first ballpoint pen to be developed in Japan. Then in 1963, OHTO pushed writing design further by developing the world’s first rollerball pen.

Today, OHTO’s range includes the original ballpoint and rollerball pens, as well as mechanical pencils, graphic liner pens, ceramic rollerballs, fountain pens and multi-function pens.

The diverse range and exceptional quality and affordability of OHTO pens will no doubt add immense value to any stationery store.

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