Investing in retailer success: Page 8 Mornington Case Study


Telegram Co. is committed to supporting and investing in committed retailers to help them achieve success in their stores and utilising their space to their full potential.

We are seeing an increasing number of retailers enjoy success with our bespoke stationery hubs, where stores are seeing uplifts of 60% — and as much as 160% — in their design stationery sales.

Telegram Co. work with retailers to create a design aesthetic that fits within their current space and will cover the cost of creating a space when a retailer commits to a minimum of two years.

We make your space work harder and, through our partnership, you’ll discover the power of the brands we represent when they are merchandised and displayed in a cohesive manner.

How Telegram is investing in retailer success in Australia.

Case study: Page 8 Mornington

Page 8 Mornington is a gift and bookstore situated on Main Street in Mornington who have been around since 2005.

Page 8 Mornington pride themselves on stocking local designers and crafters alongside quality brands from Melbourne and internationally. It’s a place where their customers can come in and find something a little fresh, quirky, interesting, creative and inspiring.

The Page 8 Mornington installation came  to be over a series of meetings discussing each brand and it’s potential to grow within this store.

Susan and Kate at Page 8 were looking to lift the image of Telegram Co. brands within their store but also wanted the display space to fit into the existing look and feel of their space. We wanted to create a cohesive space for homewares and stationery to blend and boost sales.

We started by allocating the space we would require for a Telegram Co. hub, measurements were made and individual brand orders were placed to ensure that we had enough stock to fill the new fixtures. Customised shelving was agreed upon and the Page 8 Hub concept was born!

Page 8 - OCT2017 01

The fixture is an integrated shelving system that can be re-arranged and adjusted to enable fresh concepts, seasonal product and individual brand stories — this ensures the brands maintain their own individuality within the hub itself but also allows cross-merchandising.

Susan and Kate at Page 8 Mornington were incredibly hands on, always coming to the table with clear ideas and constructive feedback. The day of installation was a hit — fast and effective — and we all LOVED the final result.

Page 8 - OCT2017 02


A VIP day was held the weekend after and our Victoria Territory Manager, Georgia Vallance went along to assist with product knowledge and join the team in celebration of it’s success. Their customers adore the new space and were highly interested in all aspects of the display — many customers left with a bag in hand, it was a hit.

Page 8 Mornington are currently up 139.77% on last year, already exceeding our forecast.

Stay tuned for additional case studies and contact your Telegram Co. representative or our customer service team on 03 9318 0822 or [email protected] to speak about how you can improve your space.