Telegram welcomes Fabriano Boutique


We’re excited to be bringing to Australia, for the first time, one of Italy’s best stationery and notebook ranges.

Fabriano Boutique is a true paper workshop, which delivers exceptional and affordable product lines for the office, school and home. The EcoQua notebook range already counts fans from around the world.

Since 1264, the Italian region of Fabriano has been synonymous with high quality, eco-friendly paper, and Fabriano Boutique carries on this tradition. Established in 2000, Fabriano Boutique manufactures their paper in the same mills that produced the paper that figures like Michelangelo, Beethoven and Francis Bacon favoured in their time.

The notebook range features fountain pen friendly paper that already has a global fan-base. There are also accessories and writing tools that round out the collection. If you’re interested in stocking Fabriano Boutique, we’d love to hear from you.

Fabriano Boutique